AgroTrade Integrated Ventures Corp. History

AgroTrade Integrated Ventures Corp. or AgroTrade was established in 1989 and is primarily engaged in the manufacture and distribution of game fowl feeds. Founded by Leonardo de la Cruz, a Certified Public Accountant and past district Governor of Rotary International, the company, through his vision and discipline steadily grew in the last 20 years.

AgroTrade is the company behind the highly popular fighting cock conditioner brand, HAGIBIS EF. Easy Feeding or EF is an innovation pioneered by Hagibis wherein beans are split or broken for easier feeding and digestion.

Hagibis EF Conditioners are specially formulated to provide fighting cocks the power, alertness, agility and increased stamina during battle fights. Made only from the best grains from all over the world, Hagibis EF comes in five (5) variants, Super Conditioner, Special Conditioner, Power Conditioner, Regular and Concentrate Maintenance Feeds.

In addition to its fighting cock conditioners, AgroTrade also manufactures and distributes Hagibis Pigeon Flyer and Breeder Mix for racing pigeons and Goldmix Hog and Poultry Feeds.

AgroTrade's strategy is to continuously improve its game fowl products and develop innovative products which it can bring to the market. As the competition gets fierce, AgroTrade continues to grow just as the sport of cockfighting evolves.