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Hagibis Super Conditioner

Super Conditioner

Hagibis EF Super Conditioner is specially formulated to give fighting cocks the power, alertness, and increased stamina during battlefights. Its mixture of pre-cleaned, premium grains which includes broken beans for easier digestion and feeding, provides the required protein, energy, vitamins and trace minerals which allows for optimum power release needed by champion gamecocks.

Ingredients: Feed wheat, sorghum, cracked corn, whole oats, barley, split green peas, sunflower seeds, safflower, speckled lupins, tapilan, coco oil and flavoring.
Nutritional Profile
Crude Protein: (min) 12%
Crude Fat: (min) 3%
Crude Fiber: (max) 5%
Moisture: (max) 13%
Available in: 25 kilo sacks.