Osang dela Cruz
Osang de la Cruz
2008 & 2010 PCAP Cocker of the Year
A Partnership of Champions
Josefina "Osang" de la Cruz, is a certified champion. Her achievements include being the first ever female to win the prestigious Pilipino Cockers Association of the Philippines (PCAP) Cocker of the Year Award for 2008 and 2010. Being an unstoppable force in Philippine cockfighting, she is the newest endorser of Hagibis EF Feeds.

Hagibis is one of the country's leading game fowl conditioning feeds. Its pride rests on quality and innovation. Hagibis uses only the best grains from all over the world for its mix. This uncompromising stance on quality is the reason why from 1989 onwards, Hagibis has been steadily gaining the trust of game fowl aficionados. Hagibis is the pioneer in the use of split or broken grains for easier digestion, hence the term Easy Feeding or EF. Hagibis has received numerous acknowledgements from institutions in the cockfighting industry for their product line.

This penchant for quality and innovation is the reason that Hagibis chose Osang to be its brand ambassador. Being a champion and an innovator herself, Osang embodies the qualities of Hagibis. This powerful tandem will surely bring more champions to the battlecock arena.